Home Buying Tips


Downpayment Resource

Click on the link to find a downpayment resource program for your area https://www.workforce-resource.com/dpr/pmt/CBMLS/JACOB_BROWN_1


Get pre-qualified or pre-approved for financing

Being pre-qualified is a preliminary step that tells the seller that your income and credit has been looked at and, based on what the lender knows from that, you are qualified to purchase a home at a certain price. A pre-approval is generally more in-depth and tells the seller you have a loan already arranged.


Consider the Schools

Whether you have kids or not, the school district can play a big difference when you decide to sell. Parents are often concerned with the type of school districts and it might be in your best interest to review them. You can visit www.greatschools.org for more information.


  1. Get informed about the area you want to purchase in.

Corpus Christi is growing rapidly and has seen new construction throughout the city. The growth has brought new shopping centers, schools, and entire neighborhoods. Find out how the new neighbors like the area or how the school operates. For more information, contact Jacob Brown with Century 21 at 512.720.9698 or at century21jb@yahoo.com .


  1. Have home Inspected

A home inspection is a simple way for you to make a sound decision. The inspection is not mandatory, however is something a homebuyer might want to consider. It is provided by an unbiased third-party company, which the buyer will select.


  1. Consider what type of home fits your needs

You will know your lifestyle best. There are major differences between a townhouse, home with HOA and without, and detached single-family home. Make sure you know what is right for you and your family. For more information on this, you can visit http://home.howstuffworks.com/real-estate/buying-home/question489.htm .


  1. Work with a well qualified Mortgage Specialist

If financing your home, a mortgage specialist can assist you in finding competitive interest rates. In addition, the loan officers have up-to-date information on programs that may assist in reducing your down payment and/or interest rate.